Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hemani and Tracey maths building

From the top

                    This is a tower that me and Hemani made for maths.

                                                  We had to create a solid tower out of 36 colorful blocks.
                                                                       For the area we had 4 centimeters Squared 2 (2x2)
                                                                                           For perimeter we had 8 centimeters (2x2=4x2)
                                         For the volume we had 36 centimeters cubed 3 (9x2x2) (because the height is 9) 

From the side 


  1. It was really fun working out he maths for our building wasn't it Tracey.
    I liked working out the perimeter.
    Maths is awesome!

  2. Well done Tracey
    and Hemani. How
    fantastic how you
    two worked out the
    area and perimeter.
    Good job guys.


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