Monday, 8 April 2013

My first motorbike

 Here is the link to tagxedo
This is my poem here 

I have always been lucky
When I was 5 I got my
first motorbike that was red
and it was called Sally.
I rode it every weekend I never left it.

I would always go outside and wash
my motorbike every day even if it was
sparkly clean.

When I ride my motorbike and
go fast  it feels like I’m flying in the sky.

When I ride my motorbike
and I pass another person on
there motorbike
I feel excited.

When I had Sally
my cousin had the same bike as me
but his was called lightning McQueen
because we always watched lightning McQueen in our bus.

              I still love that motor bike

Here is the recording for my poem 


  1. Wow Tracey you have written
    an awesome poem and I like
    how you have told me your senses!
    Well done keep it up :-)

  2. The poem looks great.
    You must of loved your
    motorbike very much.
    It explains all about it.
    well done.

  3. I like how you said at the end I still love that motor bike

  4. Great poem Tracey, keep up the great work.


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