Friday, 28 March 2014

The Taste Collector

The Taste Collector

A stranger called this morning
Dressed all in white and grey
Put every taste into a bag
And threw them away.

The taste of the lollie
The taste of the corn
The  roughness of the candy
The taste of the prawn

The taste of the pasta
The taste of the flake
The taste of the end of my pencil
The taste of the baking

The taste of the pork
The niceness of the chip
The taste of the smoothie
the taste of the dip

The taste  of the raindrops
The taste of the pineapple
The taste of the kiwifruit
The taste of the juicy apple

A stranger called this morning
Her name was Dame
Left us with no taste
Life will never be the same

Tracey Ludeman


  1. Neat to listen to your poem, Tracey! You have presented it and shared it with lots of style.

  2. wow that is the most descripteve piece of writing love it

  3. how did you come up with all of those words

  4. wow!!!!! Tracey I like your Poem you did a great poem keep it up

  5. Wow Tracey
    I really like your poem it was great it was great because you used good words in it and really good puntion

  6. Cool Tracey. You use good words to make it rhyme. Well done.

  7. Wow Tracey!
    I love your poem.
    You are doing so well in your learning.
    I like your tagxedo too.
    You are speaking really clearly in the speaker.
    Well done Keep it up:)

    From Hemani

  8. Awesome work Tracey.
    I really like your rhymes in there like prawn and corn I would never of thought of that.
    Well Done!

  9. Hi Tracey! I love your wordle because I can't do them loveheart shaped! well done!!!!

  10. Hi Tracey, I really like the way you did your Wordle because I liked the way you used rhymes and I wish I thought of that.

  11. Love the design of your tuxedo. It will defiantly be a miserable life without taste.

  12. Very cool Tracy I love the tagxedo it looks really cool!

  13. wow Tracey I like the way you used audio boo.

  14. WOW! I like it because you did a recording.


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