Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Blood Story's

I was driving down the road and there was cars coming from all directions. The road was really busy and he pulled out on onto another busy road and did not look the other way and as I pulled out a car went right into the back of my car and flipped it. In the car that flipped the other car flu in the air and landed on the other side of the road and all you can see is the blood coming out of my  car. The amblience the firetruck and  the police car all came really fast to the crash. The amblience people hopped out and the woman came to me and the man went to the other car.


One day my  boyfriend and I were driving down a country road and our car broke down. We both hopped out and had a look but we could not fix it . So I hopped back In the car and my boyfriend said to me  “Stay in here don't hop out and he walked away. I was waiting for 2 hours and then I heard a bang bang bang on the roof of my car and then I waited for another 2 hours then I hopped out and look on the roof and my boyfriend head was hanging and blood  was dripping out of the head.

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