Monday, 24 June 2013


This is audio

This is my story


“It’s so tight in  here“ I say to Mrs Hill. The line moves less go to the next cave I’m so excited. It is really tight in here as well says Mrs Hill. She helps me up this cave I say thank you. I got up  the rough wall in the cave Miss Hill is at the top to help as I say I do not need help Its easy. I carry on I fall over ouch ( I tumble over ). There mud there Tracey says Marcus I think I know that now but thanks for saying that. Yummy food apples and biscuits. We got to the end of the cave half of the class did a rope challenge a the other went back to camp I went back to camp. I was very cold to do the rope challenge so I didn't. I start walking back with my touch on we get to the car I hop in there fast. The car is very hot.                                 


  1. Awesome work Tracey,
    It looks like you had fun caving.
    It is cool that you add some recording.
    I like it when you said, I carry on I fall over ouch ( I tumble over ).
    that's really cool.
    Well done.
    You should be prod of you self.
    Olivia :)

  2. That looks fun but freaky at the same time! Our school doesn't go to camp. That is a interesting story. How often does your school go to camp?

    From Tobias and Travis-cruz

    1. Thank you Ham East
      We go every year to different camps next year I will go to a different camp!!


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