Friday, 15 November 2013

Pen pal letter #2

This is my pen pal letter to Alex she lives in America in the class we all have a diffident pen pal.

Dear Alex
Hi how are you I am really good. My family is my mum’s name is Kim my dad’s name is Paul and my sister’s name is Emma I have a dog called Tess. I am a tomboy as well I ride a motorbike my Dad (Paul),my sister Emma And I go to different places to ride our motorbikes. I like to play soccer my team has won every game in the session and came first in our first tournament and in our second tournament we came runners up. My last name is 7 letters long it is Ludeman.I am in room 16 my teacher is Mr Moriarty. Here is a link to my blog if you are allowed to please comment   

My best friend is Kyrah, My school name is Parkvale school, my favorite color is orange my favorite food is lollies my favorite animal is a cow.

We have just been to kayaking and yachting it was really fun. My team was Lily and Imaan but I also went with Olivia in the yacht and in the kayak I went with Bree.  

Here are some for you
Do you play a sport?
What is your favorite food?
What is our favorite animal?
Is there 121 class room in your school?                            

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  1. Good letter writing, Tracey. Your penpal would have loved it!


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