Friday, 4 July 2014

Trip to Mars

Blast! I am off to Mars in my rocket! I look out the window and all I can see is smoke. 1 week later I say to Maia we just went outside of gravity and we started to float. Going upside down and doing flips. Then it was time for bed I am sleeping on the wall to night. I hop into bed and Matilda is sleeping next to me and I said to her how long until we are at Mars? 253 day to go. That is  long way to go. 

250 days later 3 day to go. Yay! We got the marble out and threw it in the air the marble floated in the air for 3 min then it went down. Next we got a yoyo and it worked like it did on earth. We are here yay! I hopped out of the spaceship and I floated in the air. I cannot believe that am on Mars. It is awesome!! I did not think it was going to be this red and so many pot holes then I hop back into the spaceship and I got the marble and went outside and played with it.     



  1. WOW I really like the starting of your story great work :) #

  2. Te Meke Tracey,
    Love the words in the image,
    It really connected to your story.
    Ka Pai Keep it up!!!


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