Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our New Class Room

My class room move into room 21 on the 15th of August. Little kids have moved into our old class. I like our new class. Something I was pleased with was that we got moved before the bell ring to go home because if we didn't Mr M had to came in on the weekend. I really enjoyed was trying to get the tables out the door because it was a challenge. Something I found hard was lifting the bookshelf because it was not going up the lip in the doorway. Something that made me think was where to put things in the new classroom because our new class in little.
Our new class here our some photos

Our class computers

Wonder art 

Our new class


  1. Good idea to post on our move, Tracey. You guys did an amazing job, although I definitely still had to come in on the weekend ;)

  2. Cool post Tracey I love room 21 and you must do to!

  3. Awesome Tracey!!! grate idea Tracey to take more then one photo. It show more of the room.

  4. The room is looking great, Tracey! You forgot the part about the awesome cleaning you did on the deck outside the room ;)


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