Monday, 25 March 2013

Justice League making connections to Shadow

 Justice League was making connection with the story The Trouble with Shadow. Here it is.
My connection was when I got my eyes checked to when shadow got her eyes checked     
By  Justice League reading group


  1. Your group did a wonderful job, Tracey.

    Your voice is especially clear on the ShowMe. I like how you have added your connection in bold.

  2. Great effort Tracey , Ollie , Tyrone , Dylan , Nikitah , Ellis.
    I think you did well your voice is really clear and I think you all did a great job.


  3. Good job Tracey keep it up and you had a clear voice fr people to hear.

  4. Awesome Tracey!
    Your voices were nice and clear.
    Well done:-)

  5. Wow Tracey
    I like you oppression when you are talking in the video
    Was it fun doing that activity because it sounds like it:)


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