Friday, 15 March 2013

Pen pal letter #1

Dear Makaiah


My name is Tracey I am 9. I ride motorbikes and go on trail rides with my family . I want to be a hairdresser when I am older. I have 1 big sister Emma, one dog named Tess and 3 chickens.I live on a farm in Pakipaki with mum Kim, dad Paul and Emma. I am in room 16 with Mr M.

In the school holidays I went to Waipatiki beach.

I like to go to speedway and watch my dad race his three quarter midget. There are about 10 cars in a race. They race on a dirt track and all the dirt comes at you and hits you.
My favorite animal is a bunny
What is yours?.

Are you a inside or an outside person?.
Do you like to play in the snow?
What state do you live in Makaiah?
Here is my Blog Link Please Comment.
Thanks  for reading my letter.

From Tracey.


  1. Cool Tracey some of those ideas were great. I am going to use some of them in my next letter.

  2. Hi Tracey,
    Hey it's your pen pal, Makaiah!! I got your letter! I really liked it!! Hey i'm commenting on your blog!! LOL! I can't wait to write you back!! Oh whats Waipatiki beach? Well i'll talk to you in the next letter! BYE!!!!

    Makaiah from Missouri in Mrs.Allens class

    1. Hi Makaiah I really liked your letter too. It is funny because my mum real last name is Dalton
      I cant wait to your next letter BYE

  3. Great work Tracey
    I like how you have told so much about
    you to your Pen Pal.
    Well done:)


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