Friday, 19 September 2014

My Updated Calendar Art

On Thursday my class and I had a art lesson with Ezra's mum Adele and she help me with my calendar art and this is my art now. Hope you like it!


  1. I'm definitely drawn to your Pukeko now Tracey, you have a clear foreground and background and your use of thirds is really clear and effective. It's great you added a third subject but you have to think carefully where it fits to balance the bird and sun. Because it almost touches the sun it has almost joint it, I think your work would've been ok without because your detailed texture of the grass is so strong . (Or moved) What do you think? This is the process of art called critique! Some artists you find have layers and layers where they erased and added to get it just right.:-)

  2. Wow Tracey!
    Great difference of your calender art!
    I like how you made your pukeko bigger!
    Plus I like how you added that tree!
    Well done Tracey!
    Tu Meke, great blog post!

  3. wow i like the brown sun tracey!

  4. Gurl I love that Art It's better than mine!

    From GP


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